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1-877-761-2819 7AM-5:30PM PST

TMG Industrial 72” Skid Steer Hydraulic Land Planer Scarifier, Adjustable Ripper Teeth, Reversible Planer Comb, Grading, Spreading & Leveling, TMG-SLP75

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The TMG-SLP75 Skid Steer Hydraulic Land Planer Scarifier can be used to break up tough grounds and contour land for the creation of feeding fields, seeding plots, garden beds and more. Can also be used to grade uneven gravel, dirt and other natural surfaces. A removable, bolt-on planer comb and adjustable/reversible scarifier teeth help shape and sculpt the land for a smooth and consistent finish every time.

The 72” width enables you to work through larger areas in a quick and efficient manner. Ideal for landscaping; preparing large yards or other areas for planting and seeding. The eight heavy-duty ripper teeth are controlled by a hydraulic cylinder to raise/lower them, and can be used to break up compacted grounds for better resurfacing

Equipped with a universal mount that will fit most skid steer makes and models, this is a great addition to any agricultural property owner to keep roads and driveways smooth and operable. Helps to mitigate washboarding and fill potholes in heavy traffic areas, and the fixed sift screen trays help collect rocks, tough clumps and other debris so they don’t get redistributed elsewhere on the land.

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