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1-877-761-2819 7AM-5:30PM PST

TMG Industrial 7-FT 3-Point Hitch Swing Backhoe Attachment, 12” Bucket Included, 40-100 HP Tractor, 126” High Reach, Category 1 & 2 Hookups, TMG-TBH84

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$7,499.00 - $7,499.00
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The TMG-TBH84 3-Point Hitch Swing Backhoe Attachment turns your tractor into a diverse and functional digging machine with a depth capacity of approximately 7’. The 12” wide bucket is ideal for digging ditches, sewage systems, septic tanks, power lines, footings and more. Backfill trenches, maintain slopes and bring your landscaping vision to life with this versatile attachment, complete with a universal 3-point hitch mount to fit your machine.

Well gusseted linkage between the bucket and hydraulic cylinder arm create a high breakout force and heavy-duty digging power for your construction job or home project. Dynamic reach capacity in all directions, 180° of boom swing and 160° of bucket rotation offers skillful maneuvering and burrowing opportunities in any setting.

Foldable stabilizers allow you to stay securely in place while working with the backhoe’s almost 2600 lb of digging force. Able to cover a large work area without having to move your setup. Open seat visibility allows you to clearly see what you’re doing and the included hydraulic hoses with NPT thread fittings and category 1 & 2 hookups offer easy, hassle-free setup. Replaceable bolt-on cast teeth and grease fittings on all pivot points will keep this machine working for years to come.

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