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1-877-761-2819 7AM-5:30PM PST

TMG Industrial 20' x 30' Arch Wall Peak Ceiling Storage Shelter with Heavy Duty 11 oz PE Cover & Drive Through Doors, TMG-ST2031P (Previously ST2030P)

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$3,299.00 - $3,299.00
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The TMG-ST2031P PE Fabric Peak Ceiling Storage Shelter provides an easy to assemble, durable outdoor storage solution or workshop for your farm, construction site, equipment dealership and more. 

Approximately 600 square feet of covered space to stockpile materials, work on projects, park vehicles and accommodate all other needs big or small. Able to install on any concrete pad or equivalent for versatile usability whether you’re working in remote, rural or industrial locations.

Made of strong, heavy-duty commercial grade polyethylene (PE) fabric that is triple layered to prevent tearing and provide a long-lasting shelter covering for many years to come. This fabric will allow some sunlight to permeate through, giving you and your crew a naturally lit working environment. No need to install any additional artificial lighting systems that strain your eyes and give you headaches.

Wide open entry and exit space on two end-walls provides a huge opening to allow workflow coming in and out. Use this shelter as storage for tools, large equipment, ongoing jobs, maintenance, and mechanical labour. The PE fabric has a self-cleaning quality and comes in a vibrant white colour that reflects UV rays and makes any location it occupies look sharp, neat and professional. 

We also carry this model of storage shelter with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric covering: TMG-ST2030PV.

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